GL Tours is eager to design your custom tour of Panama. Experience the must-see Panama Canal, one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering. Embark on a partial or full ocean-to-ocean crossing of the canal. Visit the Miraflores Lock museum and view huge cargo ships making their way through the locks.

Enjoy fine dining and vibrant night life in Panama City. Explore the charming district of Casco Viejo where you can find Kuna Indians selling their colorful molas.

Take a long, peaceful stroll on one of Panama’s many white sand beaches while the refreshing Pacific blue ocean laps at your toes.

Listen to and view howler monkeys as you take a hike through Soberina National Park. Enjoy a jungle boat cruise on Gatun Lake where a Capuchin monkey may just hop aboard to greet you!

Why Panama? It offers history, culture, adventure, rainforests and tropical beaches. It is an ideal destination for individuals, families or leisure groups. And GL Tours promises the best local naturalist guides in Panama.

Contact our Custom Tour Design Specialists today at 262-275-6873 or and let us plan your adventure in Panama.

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