GL Tours’ top priority is client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on successfully tending to personal travel needs and fulfilling dreams for over 30 years. We are a family owned and operated tour company, treating each client as part of GL Tours extended family.

We believe a successful and well-planned trip comes from the personal attention we give each client and our solid relationships with local service providers who execute the details.

Here are a few comments from our clients….

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“We are home after an absolutely fantastic trip to Belize! Everything went quite smoothly and the resorts were perfect for our family. The transportation worked out very well, and all the guides were terrific.”

Traveler, March 2016 (Belize) February 1, 2016

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“I think that all four of us are in agreement that it was a fabulous, memorable trip. I wanted to give you some feedback that might be useful to you in the future. The trip was very well organized. All of the transfers were flawless. We were particularly impressed with the (local ground operations staff). They went so far as to have someone meet us when we got off the flight from Iquitos just to make sure we got checked in for our Delta flight. They were also helpful with the change in our flight out of Cusco….”

Traveler, May 2016 (Peru) February 1, 2016

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“Theresa - just wanted to again thank you for everything you did to make this such an amazing trip for us. Everything - from the guides, to the hotels, to the itinerary - was set up and executed in a way that made this trip almost easy for us (discounting the sprinting through the airport to catch our connection!). Our drivers and guides were fantastic - they were helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to adjust as needed when we decided to make a small tweak to the schedule. Thanks again for everything, and for your patience in assisting us in setting up this trip. From start to finish this was an amazing experience, and I can't thank you enough.”

Traveler, March 2016 (Chile) June 7, 2016

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“Theresa, Thank you for the champagne. Above and beyond. The rooms are a+ here in Rio as is the hotel. We have a to die for view of Copacabana beach and can hear everything so the champagne will be used for our in room NY eve party. This whole trip has been awesome and you beat any NYC travel agent hands down.”

Traveler, December 2015 (Brazil) June 7, 2016

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"Thank you both for all that you do, it really is a pleasure to work with both of you.   I have booked quite a few vacations and I have had really happy clients...   I really appreciated both of you taking my SOS calls this past Sunday... its so nice to know that you can be reached even if for just a voice of reason during a potential crisis... THANKS AGAIN.”

Travel agent, August 2014 (Costa Rica) June 7, 2016

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(Travel Agent), I wanted to write to THANK YOU for such an amazing trip. Every detail played out perfectly! We all had an amazing adventure. The lodging was spectacular, the customer service outstanding. Everyone made us feel as if we were VIPs. There was plenty of activities and the beach was perfect for just relaxing. It was a trip we will all remember!”

Travel agent, April 2014 (Belize) June 7, 2016

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“…our sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did in putting together our trip to Costa Rica for our 25th anniversary.  First of all let me say that (wife) was in complete shock when she opened the paperwork on our anniversary.  The details of the trip were very well organized and the 2 resorts you recommended were very well diversified.…  Everywhere we were taken to, we were picked up by drivers and guides that were on time, polite and went out of their way to show us pride in their country at every turn. This was the trip of a lifetime that we would recommend to anyone as a true adventure and one that we will always remember and talk to about to our friends and relatives. Again thank you for all your service and know that anyone who asks, we will highly recommend you and GL Tours for any trip to Costa Rica.”

Traveler, March 2013 (Costa Rica) June 7, 2016

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As usual, you guys did a great job in arranging tour of Costa Rica with (the group). The itinerary was great, letting us see unusual things (such as the Mask Maker), as well as the more traditional tourist attractions.  You continue to live up to and surpass our expectations when we hear that GL Tours is involved with our trip.  We didn't feel hurried, we were treated very well, the food was delicious and the beds comfortable.  Our bus driver and our two tour guides were all excellent, doing their jobs flawlessly.  It was fun meeting Ginger in Hotel Parador--her huge smile was a special treat.

Jim and I especially appreciate the knowledgeable help Theresa gave us in setting up our lodging in Miami and our separate flight from Miami to Costa Rica.  The travel went smoothly including taking a taxi from the airport to the Ramada.   Thank you.”

Traveler, March 2012 (Costa Rica) June 7, 2016

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“I have worked with Theresa and the staff of GL Tours over the past 5 or 6 years, and I have recommended them to many other agents.   I highly recommend their services and the product they offer.  I have some very exclusive clients and Theresa has put together unique itineraries for them.  She has booked accommodations that other suppliers informed me were sold out and they could not reserve, but she came through.   Most of my clients reply to me upon their return from trips and I always hear raves about the service and attention to details GL Tours provided.  I have never had a client return with an issue from a trip planned by GL Tours.  In my opinion, they are the top tour operator for Central and South America.”

Travel Agent June 7, 2016

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“We got back from our honeymoon late last night and I couldn't wait to email you and say thank you for everything.  The trip was flawless.  Every pickup, dropoff, excursion and room was exactly what we wanted/needed after the stressful wedding process.  Thanks to you and your contacts, we worried about nothing.  The ease of this trip was just what we were looking for.  Costa Rica is a beautiful country and my husband and I can't thank you enough for planning our trip.  It was truly amazing and I am sad to be back.   Thanks again to you and your team!”


Traveler, June 2011 (Costa Rica) June 7, 2016